Links Trust St Andrews

For many golf in Fife will include a round over The Old Course. Fife Golf Hotels will always help you facilitate that goal and assist wherever possible with online reservations, advance tee time requests or entering into the ballot. It can sometimes seem an over powering task to secure a tee time but with the experience of the fours hotel partners it may just become a little easier!

The following information from the website of the Links Trust may help.

"These days the seven golf courses, three clubhouses, four golf shops and Golf Practice Centre and Golf Academy managed by St Andrews Links Trust make it the largest public golf complex in Europe. It is a place for people to play the game of golf at all levels, from novice to professional, for young and old, for male and female.

It is easier to obtain a tee time on the Old Course than many might think. There are four main ways to do so if you have a suitable handicap (24 for men and 36 for women) and this page explains each of them in detail.

The first way is to apply through the Advanced Reservations process at the start of September for play the following year. The second, and most common way, is to enter the Daily Ballot which is drawn each day for play the following day.

Thirdly, Single Golfers can approach the Starter on the day they wish to play and he will try to slot them in with groups going out that day. Finally, guaranteed premium tee times can be purchased from the Old Course Experience."

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